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The Charm of Cosas Nobles

Summer 1976, young and energetic Klaus stepped in to the swealtering heat of Persia to become a project manager for a German based industrial group. Soon after arriving, diving became a passion in search of ship wrecks or simply to enjoy the beauty of the depths of the Arabian sea. In one of these expeditions Klaus met Ulrike; the lady with that infectious laughter, as Klaus described, Ulrike muses. And like love stricken teenagers, we then realized that we are in for a more serious relationship.

For a great period of time, working and living overseas has given us the chance to experience and enjoy the beauty and secrets of the middle east and the far east. During these years, we also had the leisure to discover the remote and far flung places of the continents; and learn more of the lifestyle of our local hosts.

Since living overseas meant setting up a comfortable home far away from home, we started with few exotic and rare furniture to create a harmonious mixture of elegance and practicality. In those days, with young children, functional home has been the priority, but bearing in mind the elegance a home must have. Long before we knew it, our collection while living in India, has become popular amongst our friends and associates, and proposals to acquire and purchase started to pour in.

Then one lazy hot summer day in 1998, while nurturing a cool summer drink in Madras / South India, the idea of setting up our own boutique was conceptualised. Our years of travel, we acquired the skill to classify and assess good craftsmanship and style, with only the best quality in mind. Hence, about six years thereafter, Cosas Nobles was inaugurated in Altea in December 2004, where elegance will never be compromised.

Cosas Nobles carries high-quality furniture, fixtures and accessories made of aged teak wood, craftily chosen rose wood, aromatic camphor and fine satin wood, specially from India and Burma. We have exotic and rare collections of home furnishings of lustrous fine silk, ageless lacquer ware items and the unmistakable parasols from Laos and Burma; decorative capiz and mother-of-pearl lamps and candelabra, avant-garde wrought iron furniture and composite stones from the Philippines; and hand painted marble vases, hand woven and individually-embroidered wool and fine cotton linens, and fine woollen shawls from Kashmir.

As a rule, we make it a point to bring in new and limited items every season.